Chris Macom

Chris Macom is a unique individual with a big vision. Growing up in the northern suburbs of Detroit, Chris witnessed much suffering caused by the collapse of the auto industry. The decaying buildings in the cities of Pontiac, Flint, and Detroit represent to him what American culture used to be. While simultaneously seeing other suburban cities striving and growing, Chris knew at a young age that something was wrong. To him, the true American culture was buried and replaced by a cold and corporate consumerist culture. He found himself as a young adult wondering what it actually means to be American. As a lover of both nature and the city, Chris is hoping to bridge these together in his music and attempt to dig up what it means to be an American. Even though electronic music tends to be more mechanical than organic sounding, Chris has always seen it as a tribal human vibe opposed to a cold computerized style. We were born into this industrial and computer age but deep inside we long for a more natural community, because we ourselves are nature. The drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, and computers are merely the tools we have to capture our human thoughts. It is man speaking through the machine. Detroit is known as the Motor City and also the birthplace of Techno, and Chris believes that the automobile represents a lot about Techno and his vision. It is the culmination of human ingenuity and craftsmanship. Even though the car itself is mechanical, it is driven by a human looking through its windows. Outside these windows is a wonderful landscape for us to explore and strive in. So to Chris, the automobile and Techno are synonymous with each other. We are using human nature to create something that helps us to explore and appreciate the world we live in and drive us into the future. Chris hopes to use music as a vehicle to help him discover and appreciate his environment as well as express what it means to be an American.